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Rayman 1 (PS1) - Picture City - Space Mama's Crater

My walkthrough on Rayman 1 (PlayStation version). Enjoy!

This walkthrough was done completely for free without any lucrative endings. However, if you enjoyed the gameplays and would like to support all the hours I spent to make this video guide a reality please consider donating me a Ko-Fi ( https://ko-fi.com/harukatavares ) . Many thanks in advance!

Space Mama's Crater is the last level of the Picture City world. It is also the longest in the game and considered by many (including myself) the most difficult level of the whole Rayman 1.

Space Mama reappears in the end of the level way more tougher than ever and she's the hardest boss to take down.

To beat her, you need to follow these steps:

First, be careful when she appears in the Washing Machine, it can hurt you by contact so duck until it goes to the floor. After, punch her helmet (Aquarium?) to start taking health points and duck right after damage to avoid being shot by a laser from her rolling pin. It is better for you to not leave the corner of the screen since she can hurt Rayman by approaching.

After taking a good amount of HP, she'll try to throw random motorized-casseroles that will open up into opposite sides. Duck, walk or even run to avoid being hurt. The most tricky part of the casseroles are the lines with just a gap, you really need to be quick in order to Rayman not get hurt.

You will also occasionally listen a sound effect that corresponds to Space Mama's spinning. Take that as a sign that she will land where Rayman is standing on so try to be in the screen corners at the moment the sound plays and run to the side for you getting more chances of aiming a punch in Space Mama's helmet and avoid her lasers more easily.

There's also a moment where she will cover herself with the Washing Machine and throw lasers. Rayman can duck (almost) all the time to avoid any damage by the way. Punch the Washing Machine from time to time until the lights are gradually lighted up until the last circle. In the last punch, be sure you are side to the Washing Machine to also avoid to get squashed by its bouncing.

In the last HP be also very careful with Space Mama's lasers that can start to appear duplicated (shooting two followed lasers instead of one).

Doing all these steps correctly will beat Space Mama and you can breathe out of relief for doing the most difficult part of the game!